As some may or may not know, this semester I am studying abroad in Moscow, Russia. I will be staying in my 4th city abroad long term, with my 4th host family.

This will be my 14th home since birth. Growing up my family moved through 9 different homes. Homes from the South and now to the North.  I watched my parents finish their degrees and get their first full time “I’m an actual adult” job. Today, I continue to watch them navigate their careers as they determine what exactly they want to be doing for the next 15 years.

Now, I have my own home that I rent in Providence. When I say “home” that’s what I think of first.  So in total, that’s ten homes in the U.S.. Russia is the 4th home abroad, making it a grand total of 14 homes in my lifetime.

I’m really excited and nervous for my new home in Moscow. Russia seems so so so foreign to me that I’m not quite sure what to expect. I feel like I am being dropped into the deep end of a pool and re-learning how to swim. Little things like riding a new metro system excite me, but also things like grocery shopping terrify me. My Russian Teaching Assistant told me a story about being yelled at by an old woman at the grocery store because he didn’t understand a question about plastic or paper bags. I hope people are understanding, because I have a TON to learn.

So, I hope to update this blog occasionally about my life in Moscow and show you what I am learning. As I watched my own parents navigate their careers and life, I hope this is blog is a window for them to see me navigate mine.

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