Some people were curious about my day to day life here in Gwangju, so I thought I would quickly explain.

This is my schedule for the school week. The weekends vary.

  • 6:50am — wake up, use bathroom first before the little girls swarm in, pack my school bag, and go eat breakfast with host family. I eat two eggs for breakfast every morning, the little girls eat cereal and bacon. For a Korean family they eat very westernized.
  • 7:45am — leave for school. Drop S and H off on the way, then chit chat with host 이모 for about 25 more minutes until we get to campus.
  • 8:45am — arrive at campus, and go finish up last minute homework, studying, or hang with CLS friends until class.
  • 9am to 1pm — Korean class. Pictures are below. We have four class periods with 5 minute breaks between each one. Except at 11 am we get a 20 minute break during which I usually go to the local bakery or snack place. My favorite is the bread filled with sweet red bean.
  • M, W 1pm to 3:30pm — I usually meet with my language partner. Each CLS student is paired with a local student to get some speaking practice. We usually go eat lunch together and then if the weather is nice we will go on a walk and talk. We have also gone to the movies together. Next week, we plan on going to a baseball game because Gwangju’s Kia Tigers are apparently very good.
  • T, Th 1pm to 2pm — Eat lunch with CLS friends, usually at a 김밥 kimbap place.
  • T, Th 2pm to 4pm — Taekwondo class
  • 4pm to 5:30pm — Take the long commute home. The bus ride itself is only like 40-50 minutes but I have to walk to the station and wait for bus, and then once I get off the bus I still have to walk home.
  • 6pm — If my family invites me to dinner, I eat at home with them. CLS only makes the host families provide breakfast, and we are technically supposed to be on our own for dinner unless we get an invitation. My family insists they want us all to eat together, which I really appreciate. It helps us get closer and gives me language practice. Usually I bring home fruit and desserts home everyday, or sometimes something to go along with the dinner.
  • 7pm-10pm — Homework, wash, get ready for the next day, play with younger sister. I have had one night so far where I finished everything before 9pm and was able to go the gym. Our days are packed here.
  • 10pm-11pm — If I have a test the next day I could be studying until 11:30pm, but usually during this time I check email, write a blog, read my book in Korean (which is taking me much longer than I anticipated). Right now I am reading “The Giver” by Lois Lowry, which is called 기억 전달자 in Korean.
Me and Hannah in class. Behind us is someone who works in DC for the CLS program who came to visit the program site.
Our writing and listening teacher, 이선생님. That day we were talking about old ways to make paper, starting with papyrus to modern day Kindle type readers. He is super animated and an awesome teacher. In the morning we have a different teacher, also named 이선생님, who does speaking and grammar.
Our class! 오반! There are six of us, and half of us have Korean family. The other three have lived in Korea for quite a while, with Justin having spent I think 4 years in Korea. Emily on the far right did the same NSLIY program I did but was the year before me. I am the youngest, and the oldest is a grad student.

Below are photos of me with my language partner, 정민. She is 3 years older than me and is going to graduate college next year.

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