I have not posted in a while, but I am missing blogging and am going to try uploading more often. There are some things from Brown that I want to post, so I before I post about Korea I am going to do some “catch up” posts.

This past March I went to Newport with two close university friends. As it was towards the end of winter the weather was quite cold. I spent a lot of the first semester trying to pass along the “adventure bug” to my friends, and finding friends who are okay with me taking them along on looooooong walks in all different environments.


From January to March we talked a lot about going to Newport, and finally pulled the trigger on that cold Sunday morning. We left pretty early, around 8:30am which is unheard of in college time. I actually love this time of day at campus because NO ONE is outside. Everyone is still sleeping and recovering from the previous nights events. No cars are honking and no sirens are blaring — reminds me of being in quiet NH.

The drive was super fun. I crossing the bridge into Newport. It is quite high and really cool to think about the work that went in to build it. My friend took this photo on an old fashion film camera.


As we drove towards the coast we also passed the oldest synagogue (that is still standing) in the United States, the Touro Synagogue. It was constructed in 1763, more than 250 years ago and one year before Brown was founded. From the outside it looks like a typical, but very large, American Colonial house.

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I’ve done the Cliff Walk once before during the summer when it was much more crowded. Because it was so cold the day we went there was practically no one there.

We initially planned to do the Cliff Walk around to the Breakers but ended up just climbing rocks and exploring little tunnels. The entrance fee for the Breakers house was unreasonable expensive. Hugely recommend seeing Newport in the winter — it is a completely different experience.

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We also visited the Salve Regina University campus, which is almost like a resort. I think I have seen/toured more than 30 campuses in my life, if you include all of the ones I have seen both domestically and internationally.

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We hope to come back again later when it is warm, however. Bring a picnic — a Trader Joe’s assortment of cheeses, crackers, and fruit. It is unfortunate that we cannot bring a bottle of wine to enjoy by the water, as one might do in Europe.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

This is one of my favorite photos from that trip. The seaweed was absolutely mesmerizing. It reminded me a grass hula skirts, although I have never actually seen a hula dancer in person. I guess that is another thing to add to my bucket list.

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After walking 6 miles we decided it was time for lunch. We packed snacks from Brown for the road to save money, and then waited it out until about one o’clock to eat lunch. My friends and I loooove going to New England diners. It has quickly become “our thing” and we often wake up early on a Friday morning to go eat at a new diner in Providence before our classes start.

This diner we went to was off the coast, and strangely placed in between a giant casino and the Naval base. I got an egg sandwich with bacon on a bagel — which was delicious and I welcomed the warmth on that March day. My friend and I shared homefries too, which made me think of my sister.

Also my friends and I tend to bring down the mean age of any diner we eat at. Usually we are the only students there, with a ton of old men.
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

After lunch we went to downtown Newport and found a really cute coffee shop to study, at which we stayed for about four hours before returning to campus.

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