Hello everyone – This post is a little rushed as I need to leave the house soon and I have so many pictures and videos I want to upload into this post. (Thus I am writing in English). I am about to head out to my graduation trip in Busan but wanted to upload this before I lose wifi for the weekend. 

Today was my last day at Daewon Foreign Language High School. Ari, Luc, and Jack had their parties at school before 1st period class, but mine was after school. Here is the video of Jack and Luc’s last day. Also, check out yesterday’s blog if you want to see the video of Ari’s party.

Oh, also at school before I left for Korean Hagwon I wrote 30 individual cards to all my classmates in French 2-2 반. Here’s a picture of the front of the cards:


My classmates from the French Department threw me a really big surprise fare well party. The biggest party that was every thrown for me. Tonight was a night that I will never forget.

Initially I was expecting to only eat with about 10 of my closest friends at Daewon, and when I entered the meat restaurant there was about 58 students (each French class is almost 30 students). It was AMAZING. They all got permission to skip 야자 yaja (the self study at the end of school) from our homeroom teacher and parents. This is huge, as my classmates have never skipped yaja to go and hang out with friends. It is normally very frowned upon to skip the study time, and teachers don’t usually allow a student to miss it.

Dinner was 삼겹살 samgyupsal, which is like a really thick and delicious piece of bacon. You grill it on your own table and eat together communally.

While we ate we took a lot of photos and my classmates gave me all these notes and posters that they wrote for me. Because I loved to play soccer at Daewon, my classmates also gave me a soccer ball and an authentic Korean soccer jersey. The jersey is so cool and I am wearing now as I write this blog. My homeroom teacher gave me this cute little bear.

After dinner, all except some of my closest 15 friends had to go back to school to study until 10:30. The rest of us went to a 노래방 (a karaoke room) in 건대 and sang for about 2 hours. That was my first time ever going to 노래방.

Here are all the photos from my farewell party:

Here is a short video with some random videos that I took throughout the night. Please enjoy!

Then my classmates also showed me this video that they made for me after we finished 노래방. I really treasure this video as it is something I can look back on and feel that I am with my classmates.

Tonight is a night that I will never forget. Actually my whole experience at Daewon is something I will never forget. I met some amazing people, who study so hard and long they only sleep for a few hours. Yet despite this, they are still so kind and caring towards me and the other exchange students.

Thank you DAEWON French Department! Au revoir!!!! 다음에 다시 만나요!

Also here is the last photo we took this morning with the entire Daewon Squad and our 편의점 아쩌시!


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